We offer you the opportunity to take a trip into the working day routine of international machine and plant design during or after your studies. You have the chance to gather practical experience in engineering and scientific fields during an internship. Bachelor, Master or Diploma, it makes no difference. In the meantime you can make important contacts for your later career and get a big step closer to your career at the Apex Tool Group.

The Apex Tool Group takes you seriously as an intern. You work on concrete projects and are also given the opportunity to take over complex tasks. You will be accompanied by a personal tutor throughout your internship. The Apex Tool Group continuously offers internships for students in engineering and scientific faculties who wish to do an internship in the field of electronic soldering tools design which will help them in their professional and personal development.

Final thesis
Are you close to graduating in an engineering or scientific faculty and want to finish off your studies in style with a successful, practical-based final thesis?
The Apex Tool Group can offer you an excellent technical environment with intensive personal tutorship from the first to the last day.

University graduates
After successfully completing studies in an engineering or scientific field we offer you challenging career possibilities with interesting prospects.

Have you recognized your personal challenge in our market and technology leading company? Then please contact us!


We consider investment in vocational training to be an investment in the future of our company. In keeping with our motto of "Quality not Quantity", we have for many years attached very great importance to the careful selection and guidance of our trainees.

In the course of your training with Weller Tools GmbH you will receive more than the usual run-of-the-mill education. Besides the typical work performed by each of our specialist departments, you will gain an understanding of the interrelationships and operational processes. We aim to work with each individual trainee to identify their strengths and interests and thus create a common basis for consolidating their vocational training.

Shape your future together with Weller Tools GmbH in a trusting working environment. Find out here about our training opportunities.

We offer:

•     An exciting and varied educational experience

•     A pleasant and friendly working environment

•     Good prospects for permanent employment on completion of your training

•     Access to the knowledge of previous trainees (industrial managers)

•     An attractive training allowance in line with the ERA collective framework agreement of the metalworking/electrical industry. This is currently 868 euros per month in the first training year, increasing to 1003 euros per month in the third training year. Plus holiday pay and Christmas bonus

•     Travel allowances for the use of public transport

•     Discounted meals in our in-house canteen

•     Contacts with overseas companies through our American background


We regret that we do not have any training vacancies for the current training year.