Quality and environmental awareness go hand in hand at Weller

Quality standards

Weller is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. The purpose of these systems is to protect the environment, to avoid accidents in the workplace, to continuously optimize production processes and to manufacture the best possible products. Not only do employees benefit from our continuously reviewed and revised quality and reliability standards; so do our customers and, last but not least, the environment – sustainably and for the good of all.

Seals of quality such as VDE, TÜV and compliance with the RoHS and REACH environmental guidelines are obligatory for Weller Tools GmbH.

The Weller environmental policy is based on DIN EN ISO 14001. The Weller work and health safety system has been adapted for compliance with OHSAS 18001.

Saving energy

To minimize energy consumption, Weller has equipped its products with Standby and Auto-off modes. Weller soldering systems are motion-activated, i.e. energy is consumed only when the tool is actually in use. Connected auxiliary tools also go into Standby mode when not in use, which means big savings on energy.

Health and safety

A variety of work processes including soldering, bonding, welding and laser applications produce fine dust particles and gases which are harmful to both users and the environment. Many countries now have statutory guidelines governing clean air in the workplace, which prescribe the treatment and avoidance of hazardous airborne pollutants. The Weller philosophy is to protect employees by extracting these fumes. Weller Zero Smog fume extraction systems are optimally designed to supply clean air to individual workstations.

Active environmental protection

The protection of the environment is an integral part of the Weller philosophy. Weller is dedicated to the protection of the environment and to the environmentally-friendly use of natural resources. All Weller employees are encouraged to actively participate, on a daily basis, in the protection of the environment in the workplace.