Weller helps customers solve problems

■ Because Weller helps customers solve problems and meet their specific requirements
■ Customers can always contact the Weller Center of Excellence, where our staff will be happy to answer all your questions.
■ We can help you solve even the trickiest problems.

Comprehensive world-wide service network

Weller is part of an enterprise

■ Under the umbrella of the American Apex Tool Group with some 8,000 employees in more than 30 countries.
■ Weller has at its disposal the know-how, the production capacity and the logistics of a global player.
■ Weller offers customers a comprehensive world-wide service network
■ We offer outstanding customer service through our branches, sales offices and repair centres, which can be found across the world.

Training centre

Weller has established a training centre and supports its customers and partners

Weller has its own training centres, where it provides IPC-compliant training. However, training can be also provided individually on the customer's premises. The Weller University enjoys a worldwide reputation.

Research and development centre

Weller is constantly investing in its research and development centre in order to bring the highest quality products to the market

Weller has developed a modern research and development centre which, backed by a global enterprise, receives major support and fresh stimuli from all sectors of industry. This means that Weller is close to the market and can quickly and reliably respond to changing requirements in the marketplace. The possibility for easy integration of soldering tools into a traceability process of other companies in the international market is only one example of our continuous innovation process.