Tweezers for biology and laboratory applications
These tweezers with very pointed tips enable confined spaces to be accessed and offer excellent visibility when performing precision work and when working under a microscope. High precision tweezers are particularly suitable for analysis applications and the handling of tissues, fine threads and other very small objects.

Tweezers for use in the jewelry industry
These stainless steel tweezers with Teflon® coated tips (e.g. type 2ASASLT) are particularly suited for use in the jewelry industry. They are robust and the Teflon® coated tips are non stick. Titanium tweezers type like 3CTA are also ideal for this application. Their lightweight maintains fingertip control over extended working periods and their resistance to high temperatures allows them to be used
where gas flames might be encountered.

Tweezers for use in light engineering and dental applications
Erem offers special gripping pliers for appli-cations in light engineering. The lockable gripping tweezers type 940AS can withstand a tensile force of 5 kg and can securely hold small wires. The stainless steel construction allows the tweezers to be sterilised in an autoclave.