Erem is your service partner. All Erem side and tip cutters except those with carbide insert blades can be re-sharpened up-to three times. Carriage charges will apply. The re-sharpened tool is as good as new, its life is extended and costs are reduced.

Replacement parts

Erem cutters and pliers and their component parts are warranted against manufacturing defects. Magic springs, precision joint components are available as spare parts. The warranty and availability of spares guarantee long service life.


The cutting blades of Erem cutters are hardened to Rockwell 63-65 HRc by an induction heating process. Continuous process control ensures that the blades achieve the correct level of hardening and are not embrittled. This level of hardening plus the high-grade tool steel used in the manufacture of the tools and continuous process control promote an exceptionally long service life.