Why Fume Extraction?

Many work environments today, including soldering, adhesives, welding and laser applications, create particles and gases that can be harmful to the work place and the environment. Most people thought that the move to leadfree soldering would be more nature friendly. In reality lead-free soldering smoke emissions contain more breathable fine dust particles. More and smaller particles are produced due to the higher working temperatures required and because more flux is used in the soldering process. In many countries legal regulations governing clean air in the work place require that hazardous substances are removed from the air in order to avoid harmful effects on people and machines. It is important to use the correct safety equipment to remove these hazardous substances. Fine particles are more dangerous to inhale than big particles as they get caught more easily and block the alveoli in the lungs. To protect the operator it is important to use an extraction system that is able to separate these particles and gases and then re-circulates the cleaned air back into the work place. This saves energy and reduces energy costs.

Can I use one filter for several applications (soldering, cluing, cleaning)?

In general yes, for detailed information please contact the local application support.

How often must the pre-filter be changed?

Depending on the consumption the pre filter needs to be changed when the suction capacity is low (optical or acoustical signal). If the filter indication is still on after the pre filter is changed, the main filter has to be replaced.

Which chemicals/substances can be filtered?

Based on the CAS-No.in the MSDS we can check whether the filter can handle the substances or not. To give a statement regarding lifetime we need to know the monthly / yearly consumption of the chemicals / substances.

Which arm is recommended for the units?

Each arm is suitable for every unit in the Zero Smog Line. For more information ask your local application support.

What unit can be used to connect a CBC-A cabinet?

The required airflow is between 180 m³/h and 230 m³/h. 1 x Zero Smog 6V, or alternative 2 x MG100S are recommended. Since the CBC-A is mostly used for gas applications (filling, cluing, cleaning, etc.), a unit with a large gas filter is recommended.

How long is the lifetime of my filter?

It depends on the consumption of solder wire. For an efficient gas filtration the filter should be changed after 1 year at the latest. For chemicals, the lifetime varies widely, depending on the type of chemicals/substances.

How long is the warranty on the units and what is included in the warranty?

Warranty 1 year on production defects, excluding consumables (filter, hoses, sealings, etc.)