WE 1010 Access and adjustment of Software Features

To access and adjust the software features of the WE 1 station press the "menu button" on the right.

With the "menu button" you are able to navigate through the different features, for example to set "OFFSET" press the "menu button" two times and adjust with the up and down buttons the offset to your needs.

By pressing the "menu button" again, you can move to the next feature.

After 3 seconds without any action, the WE station will leave the software menu and will be ready for operation.

Please note:
To lock the station you have to press the "menu button" after entering your code for 5 seconds.

Soldering station cannot be switched on

Check the miniature fuse on the station.

Station or shows OFF only

Press the UP (5) and Down (6) button.

WR 2 repair station: Display "Err" (Error)

The WR 2 repair station can only be operated in combination with the DSX 80 desoldering iron or the HAP 1 hot air tool. If both soldering irons are connected together, "Err" will appear on the display. Switch off the station and disconnect one of the soldering irons and the tubing. The HAP 200 is not compatible with the WR 2 repair station.

Soldering iron inserted in receptacle, LED not flashing

Check to see if the soldering iron or the soldering station is faulty.

WSD station is not used within a period of 30 minutes the temperature will be automatically reduced to a temperature of 150 °C

Standard setback
If the soldering tool is not used within a period of 20 minutes the temperature will be automatically reduced to a standby temperature of 150 °C (300 °F). After three setback periods (60 min.) the ”AUTO OFF” function will be activated and the soldering iron will be switched off.

Activating the standard setback function:
When switching on the unit press the ”UP” button until ”ON”
appears in the display. The setting is saved when the "UP"
button is released.Use the same process to switch the unit
off. ”OFF” will appear in the display (state upon delivery).

"Tip" appears on the display

Replace RT or RTW soldering tip. If the soldering station still displays "tip" after being fitted with a new soldering tip, please contact our Customer Service (e-mail: technical-service@weller-tools.com / Phone: +49 (0) 7143 580-178).

Resetting station to factory setting (FSE)

Push the UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously until the number 1 appears on the display, then release the buttons. Hold down the round button 3 + UP and DOWN buttons. "FSE" appears on the display, indicating that the station has been reset to the factory setting
(this helps with start-up time / and run-on time of HAP and DSX or after switching off WMRP / WMRT).

Compressed air

Applies to all compressed air stations: WAD 101, WDD 161V, WDD 81V, WXD 2
Inlet pressure 400 - 600 kPA (57-87 psi); oil-free, dry compressed air

WDD 81V / WDD 161V / WXD 2 - no suction power

Replace sound suppression. If there is still no suction power available, please contact our Customer Service (e-mail: technical-service@weller-tools.com / Phone: +49 (0) 7143 580-178).
Note: only use dry and oil-free compressed air, and replace prefilter!

Compatibility of the HAP 200 hot air tool

The HAP 200 hot air tool can only be used in combination with the WR 3M repair station.

Active-Tip Technology (WMRP/WMRT, WXMP/WXMT soldering irons)

1. Optimal heat transfer and sensor technology
2. Fast and easy tip exchange
3. Optimal reaction time
4. Extremely short heat up time 100°C/sec.
5. Heating element and soldering tip are one unit

The optimum for soldering applications

An optimal technology where heating element an sensor technology are integrated in the soldering tip. By lowering the soldering joint temperature a fast reaction time is given. These tools bring performance to the solder joint.

Compatibility of WMRT / WMRP Micro tools

WMRT / WMRP Micro tools can only be connected to the following stations: WMRS, WD 1M, WD 2M, WD 3M, WR 3M.

Power Response technology (WP 65, WP 120, WP 200, WXP 65, WXP 120, WXP 200 soldering irons)

1. Cost effective changeable soldering tips
2. Maximum heat transfer
3. Heating element with an optimized sensor position
4. Fast reaction time
5. Tip design with shank adapted to the sensor position
6. Sensor position (conical) optimized

The alternative.
These soldering tools are an alternative to the Active Tip Technology. Maximum performance and cost effective soldering tips.

Silver-Line Technology (FE 75, MPR 80, WP 80, WSP 80, WSP 150 soldering irons)

1. For universal applications
2. Effective heat transfer
3. Wide range of soldering tips
4. High quality heating element core
5. Cost effective soldering tips

Weller - trusted technology / Energy efficient soldering stations

■ Use of the latest mechanical and electronical technology
■ Fast reaction and recovery time
■ Automatic tool recognition, classification of parameter
■ Micro processor controlled PID control
■ Precise settings
■ No calibration needed for Weller soldering units
■ Weller soldering stations don´t need to be calibrated. Parts of the Weller heating element which determine the temperature have continuously the same physical material characteristics and do not change during use.
■ Electronic control units do not wear out.Closed Temperature regulation loop and high quality sensor & control technology assure temperature stability of the soldering tool during its life time. According to IPC J-STD001 D and DIN EN 61191-1
■ If higher accuracy than these standards is required, fine adjustment is possible.
■ ESD safe design and workplace.

Unbelievable: This Weller workstation will save as much power as a single-person household uses in a whole year.

The all-in-one professional soldering and energy-saving solution: with the new WX 2 dual-channel soldering station complete with WXP 65 intelligent soldering iron, the Zero Smog 4V solder fume extractor and the preheating plates of the WHP series, you can save approximately 1800 kWh per year compared to a conventional repair workstation*.

*This is based on customer experience which indicates that a Weller soldering system is in use on average for one hour per day.

Only 1 power unit needed – Benchtop Controller
■ Easy monitoring of workplace - WX station is benchtop controller RS232 Connection for controlling the preheating plate and the fume extraction unit
■ Digital and optical decoupled interface for SPS (e.g. robot applications)
■ USB Interface

Simple and precise soldering processes
■ Fast, intuitive and multi-langual touch screen handling
■ Simultanuous operation of 2 tools with a max. performance of 255 W possible
■ Constant, excellent soldering results by stabel contact pressure thanks to an optimized, spring-loaded barrel
■ Save key data on the tool. Visual process control via blue LED light

Protection of human beings and environment
■ Weller Fume Extraction Systems protect operators from fine particles and gases.
■ Energy effective by stand-by mode of the soldering units.
■ Enlarged life time of products.

Cost- / Energy savings
■ Cost effective soldering tips and low following costs for high efficient and constant energytransfer.
■ Energy saving by stand-by respectively Auto-off mode.


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