None of our competitors offer this much choice!

The perfect technology for every application

Only Weller supplies three different technologies to ensure customers always have precisely the best tool for their application. This technology enables them finally to tackle those solder jobs which in the past have not been so easy to complete. And the result – you save lots of money!

Why 3 different technolgies?

Active Tip Technology

■ Excellent heat transfer and sensors
■ Soldering tips can be changed quickly and easily
■ Excellent reaction time
■ Extremely short heating tim

Power Response Technology
■ Interchangeable soldering tips at low prices
■ Maximum heat transfer.
■ Heater with improved sensor position
■ Fast reaction time

Silver Line Technology
■ For universal applications
■ Effective heat transfer
■ Extensive range of soldering tips
■ High quality heater core
■ Soldering tip with low material use and therefore lower cost