Students of the TU Munich won with the fastest Hyperloop pod in Los Angeles

Sleeker, lighter, faster. Speeding along at 324 kilometers per hour, the pod made by the WARR Hyperloop team shot through the tube of the test facility at the corporate premises of SpaceX. The fastest speed ever reached by Hyperloop pod! The students from the Technical University of Munich won the Hyperloop Pod Competition in Los Angeles. Weller supported the winner team with professional soldering stations. The WX soldering stations made their manual soldering process safer and the user-friendly mobile soldering solutions accompanied the team to the US.




The “Hyperloop Pod Competition" was founded 2015 by the SpaceX founder Elon Musk. The Hyperloop is a concept for a high-speed train which is to travel through a tube containing a partial vacuum at close to the speed of sound. 20 student teams from around the world participated in the competition with their pod, the cabin capsule in which the passengers will be transported through the tube. Weller congratulates the WARR Hyperloop Team on their success!