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Achieve the highest soldering efficiency with The Expert in soldering - Weller.

Over half a century of tradition and experience in soldering, allows us to take a next step towards Process Automation.

Our new automated soldering system WTBR 1000 stands for perfect synergy of component protection, consistency and precision in soldering jobs.


Fast. Safe. Precise. Repeatable. 

A double drawer system allows a much higher process throughput, improving our customers’ productivity and flexibility, at the same time preventing any system downtime and unnecessary costs. 50% cost saving versus handsoldering.

All integrated.

Due to being a fully enclosed system, and having a fume extraction system (LL150 - save more than $ 1500) integrated, the WTBR 1000 allows our customers to achieve the highest level of safety: protecting the operator, the workpiece (PCB) and the machine from dangerous contaminants, which are a byproduct of all soldering processes. 

The enclosed system allows us to get a CE confirm solution without additional effort for the customer. 


Easy-to-learn software 

The WTBR 1000 is operated by an easy-to-use software, enabling our customers to start operating the unit comfortably and in no time, as well as to switch from one operator to another, without any time loss or unnecessary training expenses.

Robust and sturdy

The robust and sturdy construction ensures precise and repeatable motion.  This automated soldering solution, ensures that no sudden movements or vibrations negatively affect the workpiece, the components or the tools. That means that our customers can count on precise and repeatable process steps.

Highest soldering precision and reliability

We designed the solder feeder to be in close proximity to the workpiece (PCB), the solder wire is pulled (rather than pushed, as is the conventional practice) through the feeder tube. The WTBR 1000 is equipped with our finest Technology Line soldering tools. This guarantees an outstanding precision and reliability in soldering.

Additional Features and Benefits

Weller's high performance tools

Soldering Station: WT 1H with 150 W

Iron: HER 120 heating element with 120 W power and XTR tips

Weller fume extraction unit: Laser Line LL 150

Camera for precise positioning

Easy to teach-in

Super vision of process; Quality control and inspection

Data capturing for prcess control and MRP

Ready for traceability

Process warranty with WSW soldering wire
The permanent development of Weller soldering wire means that it is now possible to drastically improve the quality of soldering joints. Weller is offering across the world the world it's exclusive, optimized and patented WSW soldering wire in cooperation with the soldering wire manufacturer Almit. Read more
Flexibility of the robot

Ultra adjustable positioning of soldering iron and solder wire ensures precise soldering tasks

Robot can be mounted as a standalone unit on a frame or on a workbench

Bench-mounted robot model can be located near production area and easily moved to other locations

Possibility to lock the drawers to have on large working area

Customer-specific fixtures can be provided

Automated tip cleaning system effectively reduces residue buildup for consistent process control and improved tip life

WTBR 1000 - Technical Data Overview

 Technical Data


 Dimensions (mm)

 1100 x 900 x 950

 Dimensions (inches)

 43.3 x 35.4 x 37.4

 Drawer working area (mm)

 400 x 220 x 100 (each drawer’s working area 200 x 220 x 100)

 Drawer working area (inches)

 15.75 x 8.66 x 3.9 (each drawer’s working area 7.9 x 8.66 x 3.9)

 Drawers (mm)

 600  x 460  x 100 (each drawer 300  x 460  x 100)

 Drawers (inches)

 23.6 x 18.11 x 3.9 (each drawer 11.8 x18.11 x 3.9)


 20 µm


 Max. 200 mm/s (7.9in/s)

 Power supply

 200–230VAC / 50–60Hz,  100–120V / 50–60Hz


 205 kg



 Solder wire diameters

 0,5 – 1,5 mm

 Solder wire feeder speed

 2-32 mm/s

 Soldering tool (standard)

 WT1H with HER 120



 Fume Extraction

 yes (Weller LL150)

 ESD safe


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